Does FIFO charge dues?

Yes, though your first meeting as a guest is free. It is $25.

Can I find paid film gigs here in the Lehigh Valley?

Yes. We post all film projects, both paid and unpaid.

Can I get involved in a project even if I don’t have any experience?

Yes, it is how you gain experience. Usually unpaid.

Can college students land internships on FIFO projects?

Yes, through FIFO-on-Campus and posted projects. Usually unpaid.

Can FIFO provide talent or crew for film projects?

Yes, providing your project meets our criteria/vetting process. Email for more information.

Can actors find work through FIFO?

Yes, we list both current and upcoming projects on our website, both paid and unpaid.

Does FIFO help promote film projects?

Yes, depending on the project, number of FIFO talent/crew, and FIFO receives credit.

How can I get my film screened at Cinema & Suds (C&S)?

Go to the C&S website and follow our submission protocol.

How can I submit film related news to FIFO?

Be a member in good standing, and follow our website news submission protocol.

Does FIFO offer education/training?

Yes, at every meeting, and through seminars and workshops.